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First version of Citizen’s Charter

Beneficiaries – Mothers of Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women

Citizen Survey on Sectoral Standards, Focus Group Discussions, Questionnaires

Local Community - Bal Vikas Samiti members, SHG members, GP members,

Focus Group Discussions, Structured Questionnaires

Experts, Academicians and Researchers, NGO’s, Sector experts

Workshops, Structured Questionnaires, Interviews

Health Department staff– ANMs, LHV’s, BHEO, Medical Officers, THO

Focus Group Discussions, Structured Questionnaires, Interviews

DWCD Department staff– AWHs, AWW’s, Supervisors, ACDPOs, CDPOs, DPOs, Head office staff

Focus Group Discussions, Structured Questionnaires, Interviews, Meetings

Working group for Citizens Charter








Note: A new version number must be entered with the above details for each new release of the document 

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