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Services for Children - Girl Child



Service Entitlement / Service Standards



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Insurance, scholarships and lump sum payment to girl children born after 31st March 2006


An amount of Rs. 19,300/- will be deposited with the financial institution in the name of the first girl beneficiary and Rs. 18,350/- in the name of the second girl beneficiary of the same family.

On attainment of 18 years of age, the first girl beneficiary of the family who fulfils the conditions of the scheme will get a maturity amount of Rs. 1,00,097/- and the second girl beneficiary will get Rs. 1,00,052/-.

The beneficiaries who are desirous to continue higher education after passing SSLC and have attained 15 years are eligible to pledge the bond and avail loan up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- from Nationalised banks.


Documents required to be submitted

Birth Certificate

BPL Card/Income Certificate

Copy of Immunization Card

Photograph of the child with the parents

Domicile Certificate issued by Grama Panchayat

Two girl children born after 31.03.2006 in BPL families

Father or mother of the girl beneficiary has undergone terminal family planning methods


AWW, Supervisor, CDPO


Attendance Scholarship

for girls


Rural areas

Girl child who hails from educationally backward districts with a minimum 80% attendance in previous class and successful completion of examination

She must be a resident of a village with a population of less than 20,000

Family income must be as per IRDP norms

Girl children from educationally backward districts


Deputy Director



for girls

Financial assistaznce

to run

hostels for

girls from

rural areas

Admissions to hostels are available for students residing in rural areas whose family income is less than Rs.10,000/- p.a. and are studying in pre--matric and post-matric classes.

Maintenance grant of Rs. 500/- p.m. per girl student and expenses towards salary of staff, rent, contingencies etc. is met

Hostel students


Deputy Director


of trafficking of women and children

Scheme for the Prevention of trafficking of women and children

The objective of the scheme is to create awareness at the district, taluk and village levels regarding trafficking in women and children. Anti-trafficking Committees have been constituted at district, taluk and gram panchayath level to take necessary measures for prevention, rescue, care protection and rehabilitation to the victims of trafficking. In order to sensitize the committees regarding the issue of trafficking at the grass root level training programmes are conducted to create awareness among the members at taluk and gram panchayath level. Awareness programmes through jathas, rallies, street plays etc. are organised at taluk level for the general public.

Women and children who are victims of trafficking

District & Taluk





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