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Women in Distress



Service Entitlement / Service Standards



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Legal assistance, temporary shelter, financial relief, training and rehabilitation for women who are victims of various atrocities


Santhwana centres run through NGO’s and each is provided with a toll free number 1091

Financial help ranging from Rs. 2000/- to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/-

Women who are victims of various atrocities such as dowry, rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence etc

Santhwana centres


Legal assistance, temporary shelter, financial relief, training and rehabilitation for women who are victims of various atrocities

Swadhar (GOI)

Assistance is given to NGOs as per following rules

1. Partial assistance for purchase of land for setting up a centre

2. 75% assistance for construction of building for the centre

3. 100% assistance for:- a) building rent for the centre; b) administration and management; c) other recurring expenditure; d) other non-recurring expenditure and e) Help line for women in distress

Marginalized women/girls living in difficult circumstances

Swadhar Centres


Temporary shelter Skill training, counseling for women & girls who have no social support system

Short Stay Homes for Women and Girls (GOI)

Assistance is given to NGOs as per following norms

Recurring grant of Rs. 4.00 lakhs will be released in two instalments.

Non-recurring grant will be sanctioned only once at the time of starting a new short stay home


Women and girls who have no social support systems to rely on

Short Stay Homes


Financial assistance for widows and devadasis

Scheme of financial assistance for Remarriage of Destitute Widows and Marriage of Devadasis

Rs. 10,000/- is being given for the remarriage of destitute widows.

Rs.10,000 is given to a couple where the bride is a Devadasi

Currently in Shimoga District

Destitute widow /Devadasi women should be between 18 and 35 years

Domicile of Karnataka for more than 5 years for Destitute women and 2 years for Devadasi women

Annual income should be as per the IRDP norms for Destitute women

Permanent source of income of not less than Rs.500/- per month for Devadasi women

District Office

Deputy Director

Information dissemination for eradication of social evils

Special Cell for Eradication of Social Evils

Awareness programmes are conducted in the districts in co-ordination with NGOs

Women victims of various atrocities such as dowry, child marriages, devadasi system, drug addiction and atrocities on women

State Head office

DD, Women Welfare

Protection for women from domestic violence

Implementation of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2006

Deputy Directors of DWCD and Child Development Project Officers of ICDS appointed as Protection Officers (PO)

Free Legal Aid Centres in the office of CDPO in all taluks in association with Karnataka Legal Services Authority. In these centres, experienced advocates provide legal assistance on every Wednesday and Saturday

To provide shelter and counselling to women who are victims of domestic violence, 31 Swadhar Centres, 32 Short Stay Homes and 68 Santhwana Centres notified as Shelter Homes in the state

116 NGOs notified as Service Providers to provide legal, medical, z pack and other aid and to protect the interest of women who are victims of domestic violence

Women who are victims of domestic violence

District lt;/p>




Training and rehabilitation for victims of trafficking

Reception Centres and State Homes under Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956

Training programmes like tailoring, beautician course, Mehendi applications, embroidery, jean making, readymade garments, traffic police, kitchen gardening and computer skills are under taken with NGO assistance Financial assistance upto Rs.10,000 per women is given for individual training.

Women in distress

Reception Centres and State Homes


Skill development assistance in care homes

Skill Development of inmates of Care Homes

Each person is eligible for only two training programmes in a year. In addition to this they can attend the group training programme. Financial assistance of Rs. 10,000/- per inmate is given for individual training. Children who have passed SSLC can undertake diploma courses in ITI

Women in Distress

All Care Homes


Prevention of Trafficking of women and children

Ujjawala scheme for Prevention of Trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of

Victims of Traffcking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation

To prevent trafficking of women and children for various purposes including commercial sexual exploitation through social mobilization and involvement of local communities, awareness generation programmes, generate public discourse through workshops/seminars and such events and any other innovative activity’

To facilitate rescue of victims from the place of their exploitation and place them in safe custody. 

To provide rehabilitation services both immediate and long-term to the victims by providing basic amenities/needs such as shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment including counselling, legal aid, guidance and vocational training

Women and children who are victims of trafficking








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