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Scheme for Combating Trafficking of Women and Children   

Trafficking of women and children has been increasing in an alarming rate. This evil has to be inevitably tackled at local levels. It is the duty of the civilized society to prevent this and rehabilitate women and children who are being trafficked. In order to control this organised menace, the department felt the need to create awareness at district, taluk and village level. The Scheme for Combating Trafficking Of Women And Children was launched during 2006-07.Committees have been constituted at state level, district level, taluk level and grama panchayat level. In order to see that these committees at the grass root level it was felt that sensitization on the issue of trafficking to the members of these committees needs to be taken up.Accordingly, training programmes were conducted to create awareness among these committee members at taluk and grama panchayat level. A one day awareness programmes through Jathas, rallies, street plays etc. were organised at taluk level for the general public During 2008-09, an amount of Rs. 22.50 lakhs was allocated for organizing awareness camps, of which Rs. 14.96 lakhs has been spent for conducting camps for 16640 Gram Panchayat members.





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