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After Care Services

After Care Programmes

      During the discharge of children from the Children Homes who have completed 18 years, if the Child Welfare Committee feels that the child requires some more time for social integration into the community or for any other reasons, such children are provided After Care Services Boys are admitted to After Care Home for Men and Girls to State Home for Women.

   There are 3 After Care Homes, one at Belgaum and two After Care Units attached to Children Home for Boys, Bangalore and Children Home for Mentally Challenged Boys at Bangalore.

  These Homes encourage them to pursue their education in high schools, ITI, Polytechnic, and Colleges and also help them to secure a job, mainly to bring them to the main stream of society. During 2017-18 Sept-2017, 4 Boys are provided with after care services in 3 units.

.Abhaya Children’s Fund( JJ section 105)

Karnataka Children’s fund was created as per provision of the JJAct vide GO no mamae 183 Mabhaba 2013, Bangalore Dated 15/10/2014. This Fund was renamed as ‘Abhaya Makkala Nidi’ vide G.O.No.MamMamaEe 69  Mabhaba 2016, Bangalore Dated:29-12-2016. Provision is made to provide assistance up to Rs.1.00 lakh medical assistance to children who are Sexually abused.

   Other Provisions under this Fund are, Medical assistance to Children of Fit  Institution, Financial Support to Children of Govt Homes and Fit institution  towards  fees for higher education / vocational training, After care Services,  to participate in national and International Sports and also to pay fees to  support persons identified by District Child Protection Unit under POCSO. 


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