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Bhagylakshmi Scheme

               Bhagyalakshmi scheme was launched during 2006-07 with an objective to promote the birth of girl children in below poverty line families and to raise the status of the girl child in the family in particular and society in general.

             All girl children born in below poverty line families after 31.03.2006 are eligible to be enrolled as beneficiaries under the scheme which is allowed upto one year of the birth of the girl child on production of birth certificate.  The benefits are restricted to two girl children in a BPL family.

         The father or mother of the beneficiary girl child should have undergone terminal family planning method and the total number of children should not exceed three.

         The beneficiaries will be registered after complete verification and an amount of Rs. 10,000/- is deposited in the name of each eligible beneficiary with the financial partner institution. When the girl attains the age of 18 years, the maturity amount together with the accruded interest i.e. an amount of Rs.34,751/- and if the second child in the same family in enrolled under the scheme, an amount of Rs. 40,918/- will be paid to the beneficiary. Interim benefits such as scholarship and insurance will be provided on full fillings the conditions specified in the scheme.  

            Maximum amount of Rs.25,000/-will be paid to girl child under Health insurance. An amount of Rs.42,500/- will be paid if insured parent  expires. (natural/normal)and an amount of Rs.1.00 lakh will be paid if the death  is  due to accident.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The birth of the child should be compulsorily registered.
  • child should be

-  Immunized as per the programme of the Health Department

-  Enrolled in the Anganawadi Centre for a period from 6 months- 6 years.

- Take admission in a school recognized by the Education Department.

- Not become a child labour.

- Not marry until the age of 18 years.

The scheme is being implemented in collaboration with Life Insurance Corporation of India.

         In order to be eligible for the maturity amount, it is compulsory that the beneficiary completes 8th standard and should not marry before she reaches 18 years of age. if the beneficiary marries  before she attains 18 years of age or if  beneficiary dies before completing  18 years,  the amount will be forfeited.

 The annual scholarship slab for each class is as given below

1st standard to 3rd standard                                  Rs.300/-

4th standard                                                        Rs.500/-

5th standard                                                        Rs.600/-

6th standard to 7th standard                                 Rs.700/-

8th standard                                                        Rs.800/-

9th standard to 10th standard                                Rs.1000/-


         The Bhagyalakshmi scheme was partly modified during august 2008 and is applicable to children born on or after 01-08-2008. under modified scheme, after enrolled and due verification by the Department an amount of Rs.19,300/- will be deposited with the financial institution in the name of the first girl beneficiary and Rs.18,350/- in the name of the second girl beneficiary of the same family.  On attainment of 18 years of age, the first girl beneficiary of the family who fulfils the conditions of the scheme will get maturity amount of Rs.1,00,097/- and the second girl beneficiary will get Rs.1,00,052/-

         The beneficiaries willing to continue higher education after passing SSLC and have attained 15 years of age are eligible to pledge the bond and avail loan up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) from recognised banks.

        The father/mother/guardian of the beneficiary belonging to landless rural family are eligible to avail benefits under the Janashree Insurance Scheme.

         Scholarship and health insurance benefit has been discontinued.

         Since 2006-07 till  December 2012, an amount of Rs. 2510.00 crores has been incurred to cover 1593478 girl children under this scheme.

        During 2012-13 an amount of Rs. 468.17 crores budget has been provided to issue bond under the scheme. An additional grants of Rs.250.00 crores has been provided and Rs.250 crores is released. A total of Rs.718.17 crores has been released to L.I.C. for issue of bonds. Action has been taken to issue 332520 bonds out of this amount of which 325992 bonds have already issued to the beneficiaries.


During 2013-14 an amount of Rs. 396.43crores budget has been provided to issue bond under the scheme.  Rs.290.27crores has been released to L.I.C. for issue of bonds. Action has been taken to issue 151870 bonds out of this amount of which 141972 bonds have already issued to the beneficiaries.

Child Tracking System(Banangaladattha Bale) 

            Recognising that children upto 18 years constitute a significant percentage of the total polulation, the Department is committed to their welfare and development. A protective environment needs to be created to ensure their access to education, protection from economic and sexual exploitation and to make them lead their lives with safety  and dignity.

             The importance's of an effective child tracking system which tracks children from birth to 18 years has major implications for the well being of a significant number of children. This system provides quick access for tracking children in the context of protection, continued education, prevention of child marriage, follow up on the growth and development of children.

             In the light of the above the Department has launched Child tracking system in Karnataka which is developed with the assistance of NIC. The software development enables the Departments concerned to know the status of the beneficiaries with regard to health, education, migration from one another and other benefits availed from other departments in differents schemes and also the status of payments to the beneficiaries from time to time.






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